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The World Leader in Silicon

SEH America Inc., located in Vancouver Washington, together with its parent company Shin-Etsu Handotai, Ltd, and affiliates in Europe, Malaysia and Taiwan combine to form the world’s largest silicon wafer supplier. Together our company delivers a full spectrum of silicon product solutions. Silicon wafers provide the foundation for semiconductors and other electronic devices, and our first-class team of sales representatives, technical service engineers and customer service representatives bring this technology to you.
Silicon Wafer Solutions Industry Expertise
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SEH Products

Wafers for Prime Device Manufacture
PW, Annealed, and EPI wafers for prime IC semiconductor manufacturing.

SOI Wafers
Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers, for applications requiring high speed and low power.

High-Resistivity Materials
High-Resistivity wafers for RF and Wireless applications.

Wafers for Discrete and Power Devices
Material suitable for discrete and power management devices.

Test and Monitor Wafers
Surface Metals Test Wafers and Fab Process Monitoring Wafers.

SEH is a leader in silicon manufacturing with many years experience in the industry.

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